How to have a Certified Green Home

Can you make your home “green?” As my cooperative preschool’s co-chair of purchasing, I also need to make sure that we are buying products that are “green.” Our school is certified as “green” by the Bay Area Green Business Program.

The policies are very interesting to give me a guideline of what to buy:
1. Purchase copier/printer paper with at least 30% post consumer waste.
2. Purchase paper towels with 35% post-consumer waste.
3. Purchase toilet paper with 35% post-consumer waste.
4. Do not purchase bottled water except where required for emergency use.
5. Ensure the school is not using polystyrene, such as styrofoam, in beverages and food service ware.

These are just a few of the guidelines that certifies us as green as they pertain to my job of buying things for the school. Previous chairs have broken down which brands and products meet these criterion.

  1. Dishwashing soap–7th Generation
  2. Hand soap– Method refills
  3. Dishwashing machine detergent– 7th generation
  4. Powder Cleanser– Bon Ami
  5. Air freshener– Citrus Magic (from Whole Foods)
  6. Toilet Bowl cleaner– 7th Generation
  7. All purpose spray cleaner– 7th Generation
  8. Glass Cleaner– 7th Generation
  9. Paper Towels– 7th Generation
  10. Toilet Paper– 7th Generation
  11. Napkins– 7th Generation

What are the ways that you “green” your home? Are there products or practices that help you? What things are you doing in your communities to promote this lifestyle?