Because the scale lies…

Whenever I have a new personal training client, they know that they are working hard, but why won’t the scale move?

The scale lies.

There are so many factors to weight–water weight, hormones, fluctuating everything.

Weight Watchers (which I love) recommends stepping on the same scale once a week at the same time of the day. Only over a week can you truly see if you are making progress.

When you start a new exercise or nutrition program, a really good way to see if it’s working is by taking measurements.

Get an old fashioned measuring tape like this one:

Measure around your waist.

Measure around your hips.

Measure around your thigh.

Record those measurements in a top secret diary. No one has to see this except you. Letting a close friend or paid trainer know could help keep you accountable–but it’s not necessary.

Check out your measurements 30 days after the program.

Do celebratory jumping jacks if the numbers improved.

Try something new if the numbers did not improve. The best diet in the world is actually a simple food diary. If you record everything you eat over at least a week to a month, you can figure out what is going wrong. Also, knowing that you must write down everything you ate and at least be accountable to yourself makes you think twice about the second cookie…

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